Why Should You Trust Your Email Receipts To Spending Pal

When you have a startup, it can be difficult to delegate tasks. You would love to do it all yourself. But, you can’t. Learn why you should trust your e-mail receipts to Spending Pal.

You Can’t Do It Alone

The paradox is that as your business grows larger, you will need to outsource more of your functions. This may feel like you are losing control, but it is a natural step in business development. Instead of being so “hands on,” you will more likely be needed to develop a strategic plan for your business. Every day, you might receive 100’s of emails from disparate sources.

An email receipt is an important document, showing that you have paid the vendor. If there is a dispute later on, you can show that you paid on time, when your e-mail receipts are properly organized. When tax time comes, you will have everything in its proper place. We have the right app to help you handle your expenses, in this modern technological age.

Well-Designed Receipt Management SaaS

More businesses are conducting business in other countries. The European Union (EU) is a prime example. While this international commerce is wonderful and useful, it can also be a challenge to convert currencies and calculate VAT. We can complete all the necessary calculations and collect your online receipts each month. We will export your receipts overview as a CSV file. As you grow as a business, your credits and debits will become more complex.

We, at Spending Pal provide the SaaS to help you gain complete control over your finances. Be proactive. During each stage of raising capital, the banks will expect you to have a higher level of accounting proficiency. We provide this for you. We give you the monthly reports, which help you understand where your money is going.

Partner with Spending Pal

We can be your business partners, helping you better manage your finances. It is easy to get started. Just follow this two-step process. Step One: Create your account with Spending Pal. Step Two: Forward your email receipts to Spending Pal.

We will also share insights and ideas about ways in which you can improve your e-mail receipt management application. Our Spending Pal accounting app provides the answer to the question of “What will you do with all of your email receipts?”

By outsourcing this task, you will receive the finished product. You don’t need to waste time sorting emails. You can “have your cake and eat it too.”