Let SaaS Track Receipts Because Your Time Is Important

There are many tasks, which must be completed each day to make your business thrive. You might feel that you are overworked. Why don’t you let our Spending Pal app track receipts because your time is important?

Spend Quality Time Growing Brand

There is only “one you.” So far, we have not been able to clone CEOs yet. Instead of sifting through email receipts, you might want to spend your time on more profitable tasks. Even your corporate secretary’s time would be more productive, if she did not need to handle the email receipts for iTunes, Amazon or Uber. She could answer calls, update your Social Media and host clients instead.

Your core competency is to grow your brand. You can outsource your email receipt accounting to Spending Pal and save valuable time. The cost is quite affordable when you compare it to the hours saved. You could not even hire an attorney for one hour, for what we charge. We will manage your email receipts, each month. We check the company and prices. Then, we label the e-mail receipts.

We Calculate VAT

Most businesses are required to pay taxes more regularly than individuals do. If you wait until the end of the business year, it is too late. Our SaaS helps you better handle your tax responsibilities. Instead of searching at the last minute for your Uber invoice, to pay the tax authorities, you will have everything organized in one simple place.

We take your digital receipts and organize them together by month. Simply tell us what you want us to include on each label. During tax time, you can look up your records by company or price. This can also help you when you try to raise money too. Banks will look into your cash flow, vendor payment history and credit rating to determine if you are a good credit risk. With our efficient Spending Pal email receipt management application, you get the help you need. You can concentrate on promoting your brand and improving your customer support.

You Can Start Today

You are not getting any younger. You have 24 hours in a day. The successful will optimize this time to grow their brands. Outsource your menial tasks to us, at Spending Pal. We have made the entire process easy for you. It only takes two steps.

First, create an account.

Second, send us your receipts.

When we take care of these repetitive tasks, you will be able to optimize your valuable time.