“Since the beginning of the year I spend almost $1,100 on iTunes”

We asked our users about how Spending Pal helped them. What are the insights? And more. Close to 100 people are now using my little email receipt tracking service (yay to you!). Many use it for personal use, but most for their businesses. For this latter group, there are some new exciting (cough teams cough) features planned.

“I was stunned at how much I spent on iTunes movies since the beginning of the year: almost $1,100! That’s around $100 per month on average! Thanks to these insights, I know now that I need to limit my iTunes movies buy frenzies. 😂”

“Since using Spending Pal, I have better insights on which services we are paying for. Which is different from: services we are actually using. I since scaled down some services, and cancelled some subscriptions. Saving us easily $200 per month.”

“I live in a fairly cheap city. So taking an Uber is usually a no-brainer. It’s just $3-5, right? When I filtered the receipts from Uber from the last months, I was shocked. Almost $250 on average. Yikes! Good excuse to ride my bike a bit more.”

“I run an online business. As a result, I use many other online businesses. All these services can written off as costs to run my business to the tax company. Luckily I have an account to do the heavy work for me, but I still need to provide him with all receipts from these services. Previously this took me hours every month. Now I just click to export all business receipts (I use it for personal use too!), and this only takes me a couple of minutes.”

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