Forward Email Receipts And Forget Them Unless You Need Them

What is your corporate “To Do” list for today? Of course, the most productive CEOs have daily lists of what they want to accomplish. Would you like to forward email receipts and forget them, so you can concentrate on being productive today?

Busy versus Productive

Have you ever watched the “Celebrity Apprentice?” One of the business men emphasised the difference between “being busy” and “being productive.” Filing is a very important task, but how does it add to the bottom line? It is considered a “back office function.” The front office functions are what pays your bills: Finding new customers, increasing brand recognition and opening new branches. The wisest businesses outsource their back office functions to Spending Pal.

We can search through your email clutter and find answers. We can identify the vendor and price. Then, we can compile all of these electronic mail receipts into a monthly record for your review. This process is the electronic version of uncluttering your office desk and filing everything into its proper place.

Unclutter Your Email

Does your email system look like a cluttered attic? Do you have spam, personal messages and important digital receipts, all mingled together? Do you even know what is in there? Is this email clutter driving your corporate secretary crazy? There is no need to spend all of your productive time, sifting through Email A, Email B or Email C. You might have a bill from Uber, Apple and Amazon, but how can you find it?

Do you really want to spend each day on this back-office task? Probably not. Just outsource it to us. We take your email receipts, search through them and collect the data. We find the vendor and price for you. Then, we label your e-mail receipts in a monthly report. We will also convert prices to local currencies and calculate VAT. Once we organize your online purchases, you can decide which require “Immediate Attention” and which can be forgotten (until tax time).

Get Help Quickly

You don’t need to continue to wallow in numerous emails. Some are simply spam and some are actually important. But, how can you know the difference? When you forward your receipts to our Spending Pal Accounting SaaS, you have a way to determine which are relevant and which are unnecessary.

We offer the accounting help, to help you focus. You can start quickly. Step One: Create a Spending Pal account. Step Two: Subscribe to our email list. Forward your receipts and forget them, until you need them.