Let Spending Pal Manage And Track Your Email Receipts

Are you ready to join the modern payment revolution? People can simply scan their smart phones to complete financial transactions and receive email receipts. Now, you can let Spending Pal manage and track your email receipts.

Prepare for Brave New Payment World

To compete in the Brave New Payment World, you need to be able to use technology for proper financial management of your receipts. Did you hear that Barclays is accepting Bitcoin now? Sweden wants to outlaw cash. With the usage of more near field communications (NFC) technology, you might be receiving more email invoices.

Now, your email box might be full. How effective is your email at finding Spam? You don’t need to change your email settings or change the way you handle your digital receipts. Join the modern realm of financial management with the Spending Pal email receipt web application.

Superior Financial Management

Small business owners might not able to easily keep track of all the tiny expenses of their firm. It might be a roast beef sandwich at the local deli, music from iTunes or a battery for your smart phone at the local convenience store. Our SaaS is able to verify the company, price and date of your transaction after you have paid the bills. We are able to store your electronic receipts.

Free up some server space for more productive activities. As you grow as a business, it can be more difficult to keep track of your receipts. We help you keep track. Online professionals need digital assistants to help them manage their receipts and we are there for you. All of these receipts might be sent at the same time, which can be quite a burden. We can help clean up the process. We can help you improve your financial record-keeping process.

Easy to Start

There are two easy steps for you to gain better control over your email receipts. Step One: Create an Spending Pal account. Step Two: Send your digital receipts to us. We will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in the field too. Our Spending Pal accounting web application makes it easier for your tax preparers to understand what went on, during the year.

We offer back room office management of your e-mail receipts, so you can better serve your front office clients. We can help you ensure that your credit card issuing bank is warned of potential fraud. Join the future with our Spending Pal receipt management web application.