Find It Fast When Spending Pal Manages Your Receipts

With more electronic financial transactions, you might need to find a superior electronic system for handling these receipts. It is just like when you purchased a brand new file cabinet. Your filing sped up. Now, you can find it fast when Spending Pal manages your receipts.

Don’t Waste Time Searching

Aren’t there a lot of great apps available at the App Store and Google Play? If you purchased some new apps, will you know how to organize your email receipt from the vendor? Sometimes, small-time developers will have great apps. You might only purchase one app from this individual, but he will still send you a digital receipt. How will you organize it?

Will you create a separate folder for your account to check regularly? Well, why don’t you send it to our Spending Pal accounting web application instead? Our system can verify the company, price and date. Then, we will label the receipt for you. This will make it easier for you to find the receipt later, especially during tax time.

Better Organized = More Productive

Of course, “Time is Money.” The wealthiest individuals are the most productive. They don’t spend all day, reading their own emails. They have accountants to check their email receipts. If you want to be wealthy, you might want to mirror their habits. We might be able to help you to become better organized. When you have all the answers at your fingertips, you will be more productive. You can concentrate on signing the big contracts. You are the “rain maker.”

Leave the details, to our Spending Pal accounting professionals. We can create different folders for your vendors. You will also gain better control over your monthly expenditures. This can be quite important when you try to raise more capital from venture capital firms or banks. They will look at your cash flow. Be pro-active, trust our SaaS to help with receipt management.

Start Now with Spending Pal

At Spending Pal we make it very easy for you to get the help you need, today. You can’t waste any more time. Your competitors are probably clients with us already. So, follow these two steps to get fast email receipt organization.

Step One: Create an account with us.

Step Two: Send your email receipts to us.

Then, we will do the rest.