Take Easy Steps To Help You Track Email Receipts

How many emails do you receive each day? Wouldn’t you like to have a web app extract all of the most essential information automatically? Well, now you can extract company info, prices and orders, using our Spending Pal accounting web application.

Extract Company Info Quickly

Nowadays, people complete numerous financial transactions and might receive email receipts, confirming them. But, if you are busy, do you really have time to organize all of these digital receipts? Probably not. Just as others hire cleaners or secretaries to save time, wise people are also hiring people to manage their online receipts.

Our SaaS can verify the company, prices and dates. “Is this a legitimate business, which you have purchased products or services from?” Some, people are becoming aware of the Nigerian 419, which scams those who are not careful. “How much did they charge you?” “And what was the date of the transaction?”

Accounting SaaS Tracks Receipts

Modern finances are quite fast-paced. You might be barraged from all different directions. Have you noticed that when you sign up for certain Social Media websites, they send your email to every Tom, Dick and Harry? You might not really want to do business with 99% of these entities. Now, you can find an answer with our Spending Pal email management web application.

We organize your electronic receipts, so you don’t have to. We then, send you the completed records. This can also help you manage your credit cards. Your timely payments are part of your credit score. If you have had some financial problems, this could be the solution.

What Should I Do

It is easy to get started. Here are the steps for you to get better control over your financial situation. Step One: Create a Spending Pal account. Step Two: Send your e-mail receipts to us. Now, you can save money and organize your financial records, at the same time. You can forward your electronic mail receipts to our Spending Pal web app, where we will label them and date them.

We are basically a high-level digital assistant to you. Now, won’t that make your life easier? You won’t need to waste time on pointless emails from people, organizations and companies, which you don’t know. Sometimes, when you click on this Spam, it might open malware and damage your computer. Leave your financial receipts to us and we will help you track your expenditures.